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You, Me, and The Embryologist Make Three

Joel Lindenfeld and Valeria Lindenfeld, AMFT

An odyssey to destigmatize IVF and infertility by educating those surrounding people living with infertility, or going through IVF. Join hosts Joel and Valeria as they try to make a baby with the help of science! Learn about the tough world of infertility, through entertaining stories, educational interviews, thoughtful conversation and as much a positive outlook as we can (while keeping it real) so that you can help loved ones on this journey, or so you can validate and normalize your own feelings through this trying and deeply emotional journey. Joel and Valeria have been on the path to a healthy baby for 3 years. Val (Future-Mom) is an Associate in Marriage and Family Therapy, currently working on her PsyD. Joel (Future-Dad) is a struggling filmmaker and actor, with a background in Radio.